Tree Service Dublin OH

At Outdoor Oasis, LLC, we have the equipment and the skills to manage a variety of tree service in Dublin OH. Whether you need your trees trimmed to ensure they remain healthy and grow strong or you want one completely removed from the property, give us a call and discover what makes Outdoor Oasis, LLC different than other tree service companies. With our on-staff certified arborist, you can rest assured that our company can manage the trees in your yard with expert care and consideration. Simply trimming for aesthetics can cause long term issues and spotting any diseases or invasive insects early can save the life of the beautiful tree in your yard. Our arborist will be able to meticulously take care of your trees, make them look good and help them remain vibrant and healthy.

Some of the tree services we offer include:
●    Tree topping
●    Tree trimming
●    Pruning
●    Tree removal
●    Stump grinding
●    Stump removal
●    Ground thinning
●    Ground lifting
●    Pollarding
●    Coppicing

Tree trimming is very important to maintaining the life and look of the tree. As a tree grows some of the branches may become weak. It is best to cut these away in order to ensure the integrity of the tree. Periodic tree trimming also promotes a healthy canopy so you have a scenic look out your windows or an inviting feel on your commercial property. 

We have a great deal of experience in pollarding and coppicing too. Pollarding involves cutting off the top of the branches of the tree in order to encourage growth toward the top. This gives you a great canopy of leaves throughout most of the year until the fall time when they change colors and fall. Pollarding ensures the top of the tree remains healthy and can remain strong through the brutal winter. Coppicing involves cutting back on the tree at the ground level. This also can stimulate growth and help the tree establish stronger and healthier branches toward the base of the tree.

There are many reasons to remove a tree. Sometimes the tree has been subjected to disease or insects that have caused too much damage for the tree to be able to be saved, other times folks simply do not care to have it in their yard anymore, and sometimes the location of the tree may present a danger to the house or property. If you are looking to have a tree removed from the property, Outdoor Oasis, LLC can provide you with a safe way to have the job completed. We can take into consideration any obstacles both above and below ground which includes powerlines or the house or building it is near.

Once we get the tree down to the stump we can either remove the stump completely or use a process called stump grinding which literally grinds the stump to a level below the ground level where we would then fill in the area and allow the stump to naturally rot away out of sight. In either case, we will haul the wood away from the downed tree and leave your yard in great shape. If you want a new tree to replace the one we had to remove, we are happy to provide this service as well with a one-year warranty.

Our tree service in Dublin OH may also include trimming the hedges or shrubs in the beds to make sure they complement the trees and other landscaping in your yard. Just like our other services, we are thorough and reliable so you have a great customer service experience. Our crew goes through extensive training and is consistently attending classes to learn the latest techniques. Every member of our crew who works on the trees on your property will have plenty of experience and maintains the appropriate certification and licensing to provide the service. Our equipment is the highest of quality and is consistently kept up in order to be as effective and efficient as possible.

Being a part of the Ohio Landscape and Nursery Association, having a licensed arborist on-staff and a Better Business Bureau accreditation is a testament to our commitment to providing a different kind of service.

When you need tree service in Dublin OH, whether it is for your home or your commercial property, contact Outdoor Oasis, LLC, and discover why folks continue to call on us year after year for their lawn, landscaping and tree service needs.