Lawn Service Dublin OH

If you are in need of quality lawn service for your Dublin OH home, contact Outdoor Oasis, LLC. Our team of certified and highly-skilled technicians will ensure your lawn is looking pristine and your property is clean and beautiful. Our lawn service includes:
●    Mowing
●    Edging
●    Line trimming
●    Blowing grass clippings off of hard surfaces
●    Blowing grass clippings out of beds
●    Power washing

There may not seem to be a lot involved with mowing a lawn but if you do not have a reputable company who cares about the customer, you may end up with a job done poorly. At Outdoor Oasis, LLC, we use an experienced crew. Everyone who works on your lawn will be highly-trained. As we like to say at Outdoor Oasis, LLC: We are thorough, reliable and friendly, and we are working hard to be a different kind of lawn service company.

You will see that difference in every aspect of our service too. Our lawn mower blades are sharpened weekly to ensure they are at peak performance when cutting and all of our equipment is up-to-date and well-maintained so you have an excellent looking lawn every week. To ensure the grass looks its best at all times, we will not mow when it is wet; this is something we will communicate to our clients so they are well aware when they can expect us to arrive and if there is a delay due to the weather. While mulching is good for the lawn, grass clippings that may detract from the aesthetics of the lawn or may be more harmful than beneficial are bagged and hauled away.

Each week, unless stated in the contract that our intervals should be more or less frequent, we will mow your lawn to maintain the proper height. We also edge the sidewalks after each time we mow to give your property that crisp and clean look. To avoid the ugly green spots that may appear on the driveway from the clumps of grass clippings, we will even power wash when necessary to get rid of mold so your hard surfaces look good.

There is no obstacle we are afraid to tackle either when it comes to line trimming. We can work around just about anything including:
●    Trees
●    Fences
●    Light posts
●    Fire hydrants

From your home to your business, flat grass or hills, it does not matter. Call Outdoor Oasis, LLC, and experience a different kind of lawn service and care - we do not just believe in a high level of customer service, we practice it. Since our founding in 2011, we have increasingly gained customers through referrals and word of mouth due to our unrelenting diligence at keeping our customers’ lawns looking incredible. Folks in Dublin OH and the surrounding area put the trust of their yards into our hands and we have a track record of consistently delivering. 

Are you ready to have the gorgeous home and well-manicured and maintained green grass you deserve? Do you want to wow the customers and clients who show up at your commercial property? Contact Outdoor Oasis, LLC, and see what we can do for you.