Lawn Care Dublin OH

At Outdoor Oasis, LLC, we work hard to provide a high level of lawn care in Dublin OH and other communities in the surrounding areas. From residential properties to apartment complexes to commercial properties, our experienced and licensed technicians will deliver high-quality service you can depend on. Some of our lawn services we are happy to provide include:
●    Fertilization
●    Weed control
●    Aeration and overseeding
●    Insect treatment
●    Disease treatment

We ensure that all of our technicians are licensed and continuing in their education to always be on top of the latest techniques, products and practices. We will use high-quality fertilizer on your lawn that is safe for the environment and, most importantly, your children and pets. Speaking of pets, we offer an insect treatment program to manage ticks and fleas so that your dear pets have the most minimal amount of exposure to disease carrying pests.

With our fertilization treatments, we can help your lawn remain green without it overgrowing. We can even manipulate the products we use to provide you with a different type of green for your lawn if you want your property to stand out over your neighbors’ yards. We can customize almost anything when it comes to the grass in your yard. We have found that some customers like a lot of root growth while others prefer their lawns to be green and easy to maintain. However you want your lawn to look, you can trust our crew at Outdoor Oasis, LLC to deliver.

With all the money you are investing in your lawn, you want to ensure it remains looking amazing. We have methods to combat weeds early and often to keep them from taking over your lawn. When we come by weekly to mow your grass, our crew will be able to spot problems from insects or diseases. Insects can feed on your lawn killing the grass and leaving brown, bare or dead spots. Diseases can also cause a lot of stress on the lawn, especially fungus, so we will make you aware of any problems and provide you with a treatment plan that we guarantee will solve the issue. If we notice pests in your beds, you can count on us to manage the trees, shrubs and bushes to keep them growing strong and healthy. Our perimeter pest control is a great preventative measure to keep the bugs from coming indoors.

Our aeration and overseeding services are ideal at ensuring your lawn stays healthy all year long and is that the roots are receiving the right amount of nutrients, air and water it needs to be strong. We use higher quality seeds designed to maximize growth and health and we use a greater amount of seeds than most companies in order to achieve better results. With our aeration process, we use a sophisticated machine that digs deeper to allow larger plugs to come out from the ground which promotes more root growth. This is also ideal at reducing compaction and thatching which can hurt the lawn’s ability to soak in the fertilizer and water.

As a different kind of lawn service company, we have knowledgeable fertilization technicians who can change the fertilization process based on the elements such as weather and your type of lawn. This kind of customized service means your lawn is truly getting the best possible care available. When it comes to professional and high-quality lawn care, you will be glad you used the services Outdoor Oasis, LLC has to offer.

Looking for a lawn service company that will actually communicate with you, listen to your needs and remain dedicated to providing a reliable program to keep your lawn green? Call Outdoor Oasis, LLC and see how we can give you the beautiful lawn your home or business deserves.