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Since 2011, Outdoors Oasis, LLC has been serving the community of Westerville OH and the surrounding area. Westerville OH is a safe and charming community nestled just north of Columbus, the capital of Ohio, and east of Dublin. Westerville is a little over 12.5 square miles in size and boasts a population of over 37,000 residents. Located near Ohio State University, you are sure to find plenty of Buckeyes cheering on their team throughout football season and we are proud to cheer along with them. Rated as the top city to raise a family in central Ohio by Columbus Parent, Westerville continues to be an amazing place to work, live and have fun.

Residents and businesses in Westerville love their lawns. They like the green look of fresh and healthy grass but, as hard workers, time on the weekend is often preferred to be with family and enjoying the two days off before the next Monday rolls around. Instead of working on your yard and spending your precious time trying to get the grass how you want it, give us a call and allow our professional crew of experienced lawn care technicians to do the work for you. We even offer snow removal services so you can have a clean driveway without all the back breaking labor. This way you can root for state, head to a Columbus Bluejackets game, or take the kids to Cedar Point for the day.

Westerville’s long history dates back to the early-1800’s when two Revolutionary War veterans chose to settle down near Alum Creek. Around 1814, two additional gentlemen from New York bought land in modern day Westerville because it was cheap, fertile and readily available. Their 890 acres became home to two more members of the family and the town started to grow from there. The city was incorporated in 1858 but ever since 1840 the area proudly showcased the impact this family had on the community and recognized the generous land donations they provided – the Westervelt’s name lives on in the Ohio city they settled in.

Throughout the mid-to-late 1800’s, Westerville’s economy grew thanks to a bustling railroad system and public services such as a water treatment facility and an electric company which brought businesses and residents to this community. Between 1970 and 1990, the population nearly doubled and the city decided to invest in business growth in order to have a diverse use of the land. Nowadays, Westerville has a healthy mix of business and residential making it a great place to call home.

Folks who call Westerville their home have a lot to celebrate and the city ensures they have plenty of opportunity. Festivals are a big thing in the downtown area of Westerville. There is the Independence Day celebration and Music & Arts Festival, frequent concerts in the park and monthly celebrations in Uptown Westerville. We love spending time in Uptown. From the boutique stores to the tasty restaurants, and the architecture that harkens back to the city’s 1800’s roots, it is always a sight to see when we are in Uptown Westerville.

It is no wonder Money Magazine has named Westerville one of the Best Places to Live in America and was even named Tree City USA thanks to its 20,000+ street trees. Westerville is home to some great companies too. JP Morgan and Mount Carmel Health employ thousands of workers and Cheryl&Co and Worthington Industries are headquartered here too. Being nearly 20 minutes from Columbus means you are extremely close to five Fortune 500 companies:
●    Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
●    American Electric Power
●    L Brands Big Lots
●    Cardinal Health

On top of these successful corporations are plenty of other nationally and internationally recognized companies all throughout the Columbus metropolitan area.

We love being outdoors, just like many of the residents in Westerville. The city is home to 600 acres of park area spread across 46 different locations. Bikers, hikers and those looking to go out for a leisurely stroll amongst nature find 26 miles of trails all within Westerville. At Outdoor Oasis, LLC, we love spending time amongst the beautiful foliage and are thrilled that Westerville takes a lot of pride in nature; we often see this pride in the residents who hire us to make their property look incredible. Many folks from all over the Columbus area come to Westerville for the nature and the community programs that the city provides; in fact, it was estimated that the city welcomes over 850,000 visitors per year who participate in its programs.

Whether you live in Westerville or you own a commercial property, keep your lawn and landscaping looking pristine with the help of Outdoor Oasis, LLC. There are many lawn care companies in Westerville and the surrounding area to choose from but we take a different approach to lawn care. We are thorough, reliable and friendly, and we are committed to providing you with the highest level of service. With a certified arborist on-staff and a highly trained and skilled crew, you can expect nothing less than excellence when you contact Outdoor Oasis, LLC for service.

Contact Outdoor Oasis, LLC to learn about our lawn care, landscaping design and installation, and a whole host of other services that are sure to add tons of curb appeal to your home.