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Outdoor Oasis, LLC has been serving the residents and commercial property owners of Galena OH since 2011. Located northeast of Columbus and Westerville, the village of Galena is a small but beautiful place to come home to every evening. At just under 2 square miles in size, the population hovers around 700 residents. Galena is known for its beautiful historic homes and a New England style downtown. The area is beginning to grow as more subdivisions begin developing in and around Galena.

Galena was founded in 1809 and was considered an ideal spot for mills due to a ten foot drop in elevation where the Big Walnut Creek and Little Walnut Creek pour into the body of water currently known as the Hoover Reservoir. Originally called Zoar by one of the original settlers of the village, a religious man taking the name from a biblical city of refuge, it was changed to Galena because of another Zoar located about 100 miles away. Although the origins of the name Galena are unknown, the village has maintained this name since 1834. The Galena Methodist Church which was constructed in 1829 was turned into the Galena Village Hall in 2012. Back in 1880, Galena was considered a “quiet little village” and has remained that way ever since.

Lawn care and landscaping can sometimes present a challenge in the area. Residents in the historic homes often want updates to the property or need to have a tree or other foliage removed while ensuring the integrity of the home and land. At Outdoor Oasis, LLC, we have a certified arborist on-staff who will evaluate the situation and monitor the crew who are working on the trees that may have been a part of your property for decades or even centuries so they remain safe to live under and healthy. If you feel your home could use some additional curb appeal, our landscaping designers can create a customized landscaping package that will look good and will complement your historic home, new construction or commercial property.

Galena hosts a few special events through the year that attract its residents and folks from nearby communities. The Galena Summerfest is a music and arts festival that takes place every summer and is designed to support local businesses and organizations. They feature dozens of arts and food vendors, a KidZone and lots of activities which bring in over 10,000 visitors. Since 2011, the Galena Summerfest and Sunbury Sizzle and Sounds became a dual event with shuttles running between each festival and ensuring folks who wanted to experience both had the opportunity. Along with the Galena Summerfest, Galena also hosts:
●    Memorial Day Services
●    Easter Egg Hunt
●    Beggar’s Night on Halloween featuring costume contest
●    Christmas Tree Lighting and Santa

Residents in Galena are considered part of the Columbus metropolitan area and are located about 20 miles from the heart of the city. The Columbus area is home to thousands of businesses including major international companies and 5 Fortune 500 corporations.

From the large lots with extensive property to the smaller, more modest homes that are nestled under canopies of thick and lush trees, we recognize that no two properties are the same. At Outdoor Oasis, LLC, we employ an experienced and skilled crew to determine the best course of action when fertilizing and maintaining your lawn. We can also trim trees so they are safe and have the opportunity to grow strong and healthy while also monitoring for any invasive insects or diseases. Mostly, we are able to keep your trees, shrubs and bushes aesthetically pleasing so visitors feel welcomed at your home or business.

Enjoy coming home to Galena. Call Outdoor Oasis, LLC for all of your lawn care and landscaping needs.